Matching Dollar Program Summary

Our Matching Dollar Program invites the applicant and their family, friends and associates, to make a donation to us on behalf of the patient. We will match up to $1,500 of these donations. The Matching Dollar Program is subject to the availability of funds.


DEADLINE TO RECEIVE CLAIMS AND DONATIONS: The program encompasses one year of service from November 1 of each year through October 31 of the following year. Claims and/or donations are due on or before December 1st.

FUNDRAISING LIMIT: The maximum fund-raising limit, to be matched by CLRA, is equivalent to the co-payment dollar amount which has been approved for reimbursement by Children’s Leukemia Research Association, not to exceed the maximum of $3,000.00.

As an example; Children’s Leukemia Research Association has reimbursed the patient’s co-pay maximum of $3,000.00, the limit for personal fund-raising efforts to be matched by the association is $3,000.00. Once the donations are received in the office, Children’s Leukemia Research Association will match the personally raised funds dollar for dollar not to exceed the limitation of the program.

EXCEEDING THE FUNDRAISING LIMIT: We realize once people are aware of the program through our website and/or available flyers have been distributed, there is little control over the amount of donations raised in your name. In the event donations exceed the fundraising limit of $3,000.00, excess donations cannot be matched or refunded. However, please be assured that excess funds collected will be available to others suffering from Leukemia through our copayment assistance program.

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