About the Children's Leukemia Research Association

CLRA has been helping Americans for over 50 years.

Under the direction of our Medical Advisory Committee, CLRA is committed to directing the funds of the Association to the most promising leukemia (BLOOD CANCER) research projects in the hopes of isolating the causes, finding a cure, and where funding is not duplicated from other sources.

Providing financial assistant to children and adults helps lessen the immense financial burden of treatment. Advances in treatment and the ability to continue treatment brings patients closer to remission.

The CLRA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Dr. Jennifer Trowbridge
Dr. Jennifer Trowbridge, Ph.D., Research Scholar at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute examining leukemia cells under a high powered microscope with Anthony Pasqua, President of the Children's Leukemia Research Association and his daughter, Susan, a leukemia survivor.

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