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Please offer our sincere gratitude to the donors who made our situation better!

I am writing to offer my sincere thanks to you and your organization for the generous financial aid to our family to offset medical expenses incurred during my treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

As with any recurrence of cancer, I was terrified when I learned of its return in May of 2020 – especially when the treatment plan included a stem cell transplant scheduled for August of that year. The mental anguish of preparing for a dangerous, yet possible life-saving procedure, which included leaving my 2 young girls for almost a month’s stay in the hospital, was daunting to say the least and exacerbated by the threat of the global pandemic. While I received excellent care and made it through the treatment with the love and support from my family, friends, and community, the continued stress of medical bills has proven a lingering reminder of that difficult time. However, the assistance from The Children’s Leukemia Research Association, Inc., has been a bright light for our family in the midst of our challenges.

I want you to know that the generous aid you provided was immediately applied to the medical debt that I owe, and seeing it paid down,even a little, has been such a relief and a beacon of hope. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My family will be forever grateful for the generosity of your organization, and we can only hope to pay it forward in our lives in the future, since we knowhow meaningful it feels to be supported and feel the relief from the financial burden of medical bills.

Please offer our sincere gratitude to the donors who made our situation better, and let us know if we may share our story with anyone about your wonderful organization.

- Carrie M.

Comfort and a Peace of Mind Financially

Our family can’t share enough positive thoughts about CLRA!! Thank you for being there for our family during a time when our entire world was turned upside down in a matter of moments. Having the security of CLRA’s support provided us with a comfort and a peace of mind financially, allowing us to focus on Ella’s health as she faced years of chemotherapy treatments for ALL-Type B. Their support also allowed us to focus on Ella’s supportive brother’s well-being. Tara’s warm, friendly, and extremely helpful nature has been an added support, as well!! Thank you for all you do for our family and for the many families alike.

- All our best, Team Ella

Key to the Everyday Life I Want to Lead

Hi. My name is Angie and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May of 2018. I went through months of chemofollowed by a bone marrow/stem cell transplant on November first of that year. They say it will be with me for the rest of my life, but I don’t believe that for one minute. Technology paired with the Children’s Leukemia Research Association is making HUGE differences daily in the lives of those diagnosed. Don’t know what I’d do without the patient aid they offer. While raising a 10-year-old daughter now, they take a very large weight off my husband’s and my shoulders. Whereas I may be a number statistically, the Children’s Leukemia Research Association has never treated me as such.

Living with the disease is a tricky one regarding others who don’t have it. No one understands the pain because no one sees an open wound to associate with. Things happen all over your body that have never happened before, especially after a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Not everyone is the same though. I was diagnosed while healthy. Some are diagnosed while having underlying health issues which makethe treatments and outcomes differ greatly.

“It” has affected my life in an almost positive way socially and emotionally. I’ve been blessed tremendously by a flood of support from some people I’ve never met and made lifelong friendships along the way. My husband and daughter have shown a Crazystrength that I’ve never seen before. Support from the Children’s Leukemia Research Association and my family is key to the everyday life I want to lead.“This disease” changes a family’s lifestyle and affects anyone within contact. So many want to help but don’t know what to do for you. When others ask you how you’re feeling, after a while you find yourself smiling and saying that everything is ok when it’s not true. It’s becomes taxing trying to figure out how to live with the pain and go about daily life without showing it. In short, the new norm sucks and I’m reminded of it every day when I take the prescribed “maintenance” drug. Although, attitude is EVERYTHING, and the sooner you accept what you have, the sooner you can muster up the strength to fight it.

Neuropathy is a game changer brought on for some as a byproduct of chemo. It doesn’t show up in your blood work and no one can see it, so it doesn’t get discussed.It is however, talked about in the quiet circle of those of us who have it that nothing will be done about it until a neurologist experiences it, or must watch a family member go through it. Sometimes, for myself, it’s debilitating. It comes and goes without warning or effort of motion on my part. It’s ugly, it’s silent to others and yet screaming out loud inside with pain twenty four hours a day. When I’m alone sometimes I cry, another part of the new norm.

I will continue to enjoy taking care of my family and community, being involved in Girl Scouts, co-coaching for Girls on The Run, homeroom mom stuff, graphic design work, and slowly working my way to run my fifth marathon. Getting support from the Children’s Leukemia Research Association allows me to have those goals and to live the best life I can with less stress. I thank God every day for them.

I would never choose what I have, but I also wouldn’t change anything either. There has beenbeauty from ashes. I’m not going anywhere; God gave me a voice and I’m going to use it to help as many as possible.

- Angie

Your kindness is most appreciated

I teared-up reading about your daughter's story, especially after initially hearing it directly from you. Your office will be hearing from us regarding the patient’s needs and current condition. Your kindness is most appreciated. You are so easy to speak with and motivating. Thank you for keeping us so encouraged. You positively impact so many lives with your personal and professional commitment to Children’s Leukemia Research Association.

- Cathi H.

We are forever grateful

Christian S.
Christian S.

Words cannot express our gratitude towards the Children’s Leukemia Research Association. We are forever grateful. Our son, Christian, was diagnosed with leukemia on December 9, 2011 and from that moment on, our lives were changed. Yet, even though we have had many battles, moving forward with God’s grace, Christian has made progress and is beating the cancer and the many effects from the treatment. The Children’s Leukemia Research Association was there, too, to help us with the constant battle of all the medical bills. Thank you just doesn’t express our true feelings, but thank you so much for being there to help us through the struggle.

- Sally S. (Patient Aid Program)

A Better Holiday Season For Us

We would both like to thank you for all that you have done to make a better holiday season for us. It sure was a tough year for both Rosemary and I, but with the Children's Leukemia Research Association's help, we are able to enjoy the holiday without the worry of paying bills. This is the best Christmas gift we could have received, and we both thank you very much.

- Rodger and Rosemary B. (Patient Aid Program)

We Cannot Say Enough About the Help We Have Received

Joshua M.
Joshua M.

When Josh was diagnosed, his oncologist told us that childhood leukemia is often called the million dollar disease due to its expensive and extensive treatment plan. She told us to consider fundraisers and try to look for an organization that will help us through this very difficult time financially. We cannot say enough about the help we have received from the Children's Leukemia Research Association. Your organization has made the most difficult time in all of our lives much more bearable. We don’t know how to thank you except by saying "we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and heaven holds a special place for people like you."

- Audra M. (Patient Aid Program)

It Was A Huge Relief

I was diagnosed with leukemia and started receiving chemo treatments shortly after. When the bills started coming in, I didn’t know how I was going to pay. After all, I am retired and on a fixed income. When I linked up with the Children's Leukemia Research Association, it was a huge relief to have the financial help and support. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

- Alva W. (Patient Aid Program)

I Thank God Every Day

My father just passed on August 7th, and my brother, sister and I have taken this time situating my mom, getting her back on her feet from a broken back, and just flat-out spending time with each other. Needless to say, along with my chemo treatments and getting my 8 year old back to school, it's been a busy, busy, time...I thank God every day that there are organizations like the Children's Leukemia Research Association, Inc. to help people like us.

- Angie K. (Patient Aid Program)

Thank you for caring!

Shelby E.
Shelby E.

The program from CLRA has been a tremendous help for our family since my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008. It’s very expensive for treatments and blood tests, and they have helped us in paying some of our medical bills. I never realized that there are organizations out there to help with these kinds of diseases. I have learned so much from CLRA. My daughter is a five-year cancer survivor and in remission. Thank you for caring!

- Lynn E. (Patient Aid Program)

My Leukemia is Under Control

My name is Melvin and in June of 1999, I noticed black and blue spots appearing on my body. After three blood tests, I was told that I have chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), and that I had a year to live. Now in 2013, with ongoing treatment, my leukemia is under control. I am married to the girl next door for 34 years, and we have three daughters and one grandson. With my thanks to the Children's Leukemia Research Association, I really am grateful for your assistance with my medical bills and hope that you know how happy I am to be telling you so!

- Melvin L. (Patient Aid Program)

Helping to Save Her Life

Allison M.
Allison M.

The Children's Leukemia Research Association has helped to shoulder some of the burden of caring for our daughter during her treatment. Knowing that we are getting help to cover some of the cost of her chemotherapy, which is helping to save her life, allows us to focus on caring for her needs and those of our children without the added financial stress. Thank you so much! “How beautiful the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

- Tiffany M. (Patient Aid Program)

Helped Me And My Family Tremendously

The Children's Leukemia Research Association has been a blessing for me and my family. I have researched many charitable organizations for financial assistance and was very disappointed with the little they offered. Anything is better than nothing, but I was really surprised when I came across CLRA and its programs. Health insurance helps pay for costly treatment, but it does not pay 100% of the costs. Even with insurance, healthcare costs can be staggering for families of children with cancer, who are already consumed with worry. Every year, I am responsible for my out-of-pocket maximums in addition to other indirect costs which could take years to pay off. I am very thankful for the support the CLRA provides for patient care. This wonderful association has helped me and my family tremendously in reducing my out-of-pocket costs for chemotherapy and diagnostic costs during my son’s recovery of this dreadful disease. We are eternally grateful. Thank you.

- Toya W. (Patient Aid Program)

CLRA Helped Ease the Burden

Thank you for the $1500.00 donated towards our son’s medical bills. We are very grateful for the assistance with our growing medical bills. CLRA helped ease the burden for us. We appreciate your making us aware of assistance and helping families in treatment. We cannot get through this without help form organizations like this. THANK YOU! Our Charlie is our 19-month-old warrior.

- Keith and Stacy H. (Patient Aid Program)

Your Generosity with Each Patient Aid Gift Means So Much

I am so grateful for the additional financial assistance awarded to me for medical expenses. My ongoing years of battling against leukemia has taken a great deal from our family, especially financially. Your generosity with each patient aid gift means so much to us, Happy Thanksgiving!

- Stacie M. (Patient Aid Program)

Grateful For Your Support

We are grateful for your support of our mission to create hope and build healthier futures. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and healthy holiday season from the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Foundation.

- Luke

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